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The counsellor is responsible to give students lectures accommodating their age, solve student issues individually and in groups, guide the students when needs arrive.

Science Labs

The school offers the students through the Science lab, with on- hands on policy.

Information Technology

The school has two fully equipped labs, Interactive Boards, local network , wifi access points,  local servers, security solutions.

Clinic & Health Supervision

The School provides its students with the necessary health care supervised by a resident nurse:

  • A Regular, periodical medical check-up.
  • Handling Emergency cases.
  • Vaccination whenever necessary.
  • Attention and care to hygiene
  • Health insurance to students while at school.


The school has a library that offers the students various books under many topics, in both Arabic and English Transportation: buses are provided to transfer the students to and from the school.
Book Store: Books, stationary, and the school uniform are also provided.


The school has a green field football, Basketball and volleyball playground,


Where students can buy food and beverages.


The school has full time employees for maintenance, safety, and security within the school’s campus.