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A Message from Our Founder

Achievement is the ability of giving, the ability to deliver one’s duties on time. In this regard, I feel I have all the right to describe Al-Bayan as the ‘School of Achievement’, where every teacher is a giving, dutiful achiever in every way; where the administration is a generous giver, an achiever, the best witness of which are the school realities of innovation, development, and initiative, best proven in the seminars, lectures, workshops, training and supporting curricula, extra-curricular activities of external contests and objective oriented school trips.

Our school is considered an achiever for all it offers to its students in the way of elevating their educational excellence, and what it offers to its teachers towards elevating their professional excellence, resulting in the best interest of the school.

As for the student’s sense of belongingness to their school, it means your ability as student to leave your own special finger print on your school’s educational journey. It means you are studious, committed in your behavior, and a participant in school activities. You are an artist , an athlete, a gifted actor on stage, a brilliant radio announcer.

True belongingness to your school makes you a real person every minute of your school life; enhances your social ties in this closed space which helps you become a distinguished human being in your own way.  

May God bless our school message, a message of goodness, guidance and reform.


Bushra Abdel Hamid

Founder and General Manager