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Enrollment Fee:

New students have to pay a non- refundable fee of  JD 100.

Tuition  Fees:

Post-dated cheques are to be submitted to the registration department by August 1st with the following dates;

August 1st, November 1st and February 1st and April 1st,

Registration Fee: 

To reserve a seat for the next academic year, a fee of JD 100 has to be paid by April 1st  this will be deducted from the tuition.

The school reserves the right to accept new students in place of existing students who have not paid this fee.

 Bus Enrolment Fee:

To reserve a seat in the bus for the next academic year a fee of JD 50 must be paid by April 30th and this will be deducted from the tuition.


  1. Sibling Discounts: 2nd sibling 5% of the tuition,
                                  3rd sibling 10% from the tuition
                                  4th sibling 15% from the tuition
  2. Parents who wish to settle the full tuition fees by August 30th will benefit from a 5% discount.
  3. If a student decides to transfer to another school after June30th, the paid fees will not be reimbursed.
  4. If a student decides to withdraw from the bus transportation after June 30th, the fees will not be reimbursed.
  5. Failing to settle all fees on agreed dates, could mean losing the given discounts.