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Education Levels

  • Establishing the student’s personality by developing a sense of nationality whereby Al-Bayan’s students are raised with pride with regard to national identity.
  • Employing the method of inference during classes in developing thinking.
  • Identifying forms of thinking and concentrating upon using them in developing the minds of the students and polishing their talents.
  • Integrating the curriculum with the various fields of knowledge with a focus on the students’ independent thinking.
  • Achieving creativity and innovation through a series of academic and non-academic activities.  


Latest News

This is the disciplinary booklet of Al-Bayan School which is designed to assist you to know the school's regulations and instructions by defining the rights and duties of the student to maintain a

Bushra Abdel Hamid
Bushra Abdel Hamid
In celebration of 35 academic years since the establishment of Al-Bayan School the school organized its first Alumni Reception.

Happy Students

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First parents meeting for 11th and 12th graders .. looking forward to new you all dear parents 🌹سنة دراسية موفقة لطلبتنا الأعزاءكل عام و أنتم بخيراهلا وسهلا بالجميع.يسر مدرسة البيان ان تنضم الى حملة التوعية بأهمية المحافظة على المياه في الأردن #لا_تستهين_بالنقطة علما اننا مدرسة خضراء صديقة للبيئة #مدرسة_البيان  #AlBayanschool is proud to be part of this amazing awareness campaign to stress on the scarcity of water in Jordan and our role as citizens to save water