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Parent Teacher Association (P.T.A)

Parents and teachers complete the triangle that revolves around the student, the school believes that we have to engage them in the learning process and listen to their opinions and feedback.

This committee deals with many aspects that include the following;

  •  Debates educational and technical matters such as academic and behavioural issues.
  •  Discusses with the administration and the teachers, matters that concern the academic process.
  •  Contributes to building strong links between the school and the student’s home, to serve the students and remove barriers.

Mothers' Committee

It is part of the school's philosophy to engage the parents in our programs when possible. This council participates actively in all of the school’s activities and celebrations for the primary stage, they help the teachers by enriching these celebrations.

The Student Council

The Student Council aims to develop a sense of democracy and leadership skills among students. The main tasks of this council are to organize activities for their fellow students, and discuss issues concerning them with the school. Election campaigns last for two weeks, after which one student from two candidates is elected as a member in the council. During the first meeting, the council’s president, vice-president, and treasurer are appointed. The council is elected annually.