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This is the disciplinary booklet of Al-Bayan School which is designed to assist you to know the school's regulations and instructions by defining the rights and duties of the student to maintain a

Bushra Abdel Hamid
Bushra Abdel Hamid
In celebration of 35 academic years since the establishment of Al-Bayan School the school organized its first Alumni Reception.

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تحت رعاية السيد فتحي الضمور تم افتتاح مهرجان البيان الخامس عشر للموسيقا و الغناء بمشاركة العديد من المدارس حيث تم توزيع شهادات للفئات المشاركة في نهاية المهرجان و الذي أقيم في 8/12/2018
Under the patronage of Mr.Fathi Al-Dmour, Al-Bayan 15th festival for music and singing was opened with the participation of various invited schools where certificates were distributed to the participants at the end of the festival.