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Bushra Abdel Hamid

Al-Bayan School Celebrates 35 Academic Years

Attended by Alumni and Faculty Members:

In celebration of 35 academic years since the establishment of Al-Bayan School, a private school located in Marj Al-Hamam, the school administration organized its first Alumni Reception for all its graduates of the 25 graduate classes.

The event began with a welcoming speech from the General Manager and school founder, Mrs. Bushra Abdel Hamid, with heartwarming words about the journey of Al-Bayan that has always been inspired by its vision to develop a student who has critical, logical thinking who becomes a responsible and effective member of the society.

Today, 35 years later, we can see the results in front of us, with young men and women, fathers and mothers who have become productive and active citizens in their society.

The event was a reunion for friends and colleagues, faculty members previous and current, in an atmosphere filled with joy and happiness. The school also announced the formation of a founding committee to launch Al-Bayan Alumni Club.