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Education Levels

  • Establishing the student’s personality by developing a sense of nationality whereby Al-Bayan’s students are raised with pride with regard to national identity.
  • Employing the method of inference during classes in developing thinking.
  • Identifying forms of thinking and concentrating upon using them in developing the minds of the students and polishing their talents.
  • Integrating the curriculum with the various fields of knowledge with a focus on the students’ independent thinking.
  • Achieving creativity and innovation through a series of academic and non-academic activities.  


Latest News

In celebration of 35 academic years since the establishment of Al-Bayan School the school organized its first Alumni Reception.

Happy Students

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محاضرة #التوعية_بسرطان_الثدي الان على مسرح.#مدرسة_البيان 
Now at #albayanshool a lecture on  the awareness of Breast Cancer ...Oct 25 wear pink to school #breastcancercampaign @#albayanshoolGrade 10 students @#ammandesignweek #albayanshoolFor the 5th consecutive year Al-Bayan School raises the #green_flag #ecoschiolsamman thank you for all the teachers and students for making this.possible.
حافظت #مدرسة_البيان على العلم الاخضر /#برنامج_المدارس_البيئية للعام الخامس على التوالي شكرا للطلبة والمعلمين لهذا النجاحCelebrating 35 years of academic performance at #albayanshool Alumni Reception
احتفالية #مدرسة_البيان بمرور 35 عاما دراسيا بحفل الاستقبال االاول لخريجيي البيان...تدعو #مدرسة_البيان  جميع خريجيي المدرسة لحفل الاستقبال بمناسبة #35_عاما_دراسيا