Academic Stages

International Stream

The school offers the IGCSE program (International General Certificate for Secondary Education) which is a British program certified by the British Council in Amman.

Students who wish to do IGCSE, enter this stream starting from Grade 6 , whereby students learn all subjects (Math, Sciences, ICT, Social Studies) in English along with Arabic, Religion and Arabic Social Studies.

In Grade 10 students sit for the O level exams.

In Grade 12 students sit for the A Level exams.

This will qualify the students to do an equivalency of Tawjihi with the Ministry of Higher Education.


National Stream


(Grade 6 – Grade 12)

Students who choose to study in the national stream, study the Ministry of Education curriculum alongside the English curriculum which we offer at the school.

The students study to be able to sit for the Higher Secondary Degree (Tawjihi) offered by the Government in grade 12.

We offer the the  Scientific and  Literary stream.


Junior School

Junior  School (Grade 1 – Grade 6)

This stage seeks to get students acquainted with their new environment at school, the school lays and establishes strong and stable foundation for each student to build on, concentrating upon teaching methods of creative thinking and encouraging students to adapt to the best study habits.
Our school follows the Ministry of Education’s (MOE) curriculum, as for the English language we adopt an American curriculum, a much higher level than the one offered by the (MOE).
Further; in order to elevate the knowledge of our students, Science and Math in English are given in parallel with these subjects in Arabic, accompanied with the practical computer classes in the labs to support the educational process.



We aim to provide the suitable environment to develop the child’s personality, our educational environment aims to develop the child physically, mentally, and socially under the supervision of professional KG staff. In the kindergarten, we follow learning through play and applying educational methods in the form of activity groups, these groups deal with the learning process encompassing its different aspects connecting interactive related subjects with their daily life. In addition, there are musical and drama activities, cooking and baking classes.
Educational & recreational filed trips are a major aspect on the agenda, national and religious celebrations to connect the child with the society.

The KG2 students graduating from Kindergarten are certain to be ready academically and mentally for grade 1.
Al-Bayan kindergarten enjoys the following age groups;
1.      Playgroup:  3-4 years old
2.      KG 1:         4-5 years old
3.      KG 2:         5-6 years old