MOTHERS’ COUNCIL (Junior School)

This council participates actively in all of the school’s activities and celebrations for this stage. The mothers take part with their children in enriching these celebrations which contribute to developing the children mentally, psychologically, and socially as well as creating a family atmosphere among the families.



This committee consists of a number of parents approached by the school to be part of this council, the council's responsibility includes the following:

  • To debate educational and technical matters such as academic and behavioural issues.
  • To discuss with the administration and the teachers- matters that concern the academic process.
  • To deal with any emergencies concerning the school and the students, and trying to resolve any conflict.
  • To contribute in building strong links between the school and the student’s home to serve the students and remove barriers.



This council aims to develop the sense of democracy among the students and build a sense of leadership. One student from each class is elected. Election campaigns last for two weeks, after which one student from two candidates is elected as a member in the council.

During the first meeting, the council’s president, vice- president, and treasurer are appointed. The council meets once a week to discuss matters that concern the students. The council participates in organizing different activities and community services in and outside the school. One council member attends the PTA meetings. The council issues a monthly magazine for the students.