Special Education

We believe that all students have the right to get individual attention no matter what their academic abilities are, therefore this department has been established for the students with who need special attention, , with the intent of attaining students to the highest level of education in accordance with their abilities . For that purpose we have a resource room equipped with the needed educational material.
Al-Bayan School is considered a pioneer in offering special education services with the assistance of highly- specialized teachers.
The services followed are :

  1. Individual Teaching program; which occurs outside the classroom, based on an educational and individual plan for each student.
  2. Supportive Teaching program; which occurs inside the classroom and encourages students to perform on par with his/her classmates

As results of the past years indicate, it has been proven that these students have responded academically to this kind of education variably, each according to his/her abilities. But this response forms an essential point to some of them in order to follow up with the requirements of the detailed and complex curriculum.