Our vision

At Al- Bayan School we are committed to outstanding work that aims to elevate the educational process and develop its students’ abilities, talents, and personalities through catering for the students needs, trying to discover the students' individual talents and interests. In addition; the school aims to employ teachers who are experienced in their fields, motivated, and willing to teach.

These teachers are given regular academic training through workshops, conferences, interactive programs for the educational sector to exchange experiences and ideas, to remain at the forefront of modern teaching methods. The school also seeks to provide its students with the best learning environment in the classroom and at every place within its facilities.
Not to mention, the school stresses religious values in all the academic stages and concentrates on consolidating the national values.  
Al-Bayan students grow up to be disciplined and responsible towards their society and country
Establishing the students' personality by developing a sense of nationality whereby Al-Bayan students are raised with pride in accordance with national identity.

•    Employing the method of inference during classes in developing thinking.

•    Identifying forms of thinking and concentrating upon using them in developing the minds of the students and polishing their talents.

•    Integrating the curriculum with the various fields of knowledge with a focus on the students’ independent thinking.

•    Achieving creativity and innovation through a series of academic and non-academic activities.